Damon Ginandes’ artwork challenges traditional spatial and contextual confines through a distinct blend of drawing, painting, and sculpture. Seeking to blur the boundaries of the two and three dimensional, Ginandes employs a mixture of materials including acrylics, wood, wire, archival board, plastic, and concrete. While integrating organic, figurative, and architectural elements, his work serves to strip away external reference to explore a sense of primal being and an unfamiliar emotional terrain.

Inspired by urban and industrial structures, as well as biological formations, Ginandes' recent body of work incorporates a vernacular of bold angular lines, overlapping planes, and subtle color palette. These sculptural tableaux merge natural and man-made – fusing organic forms with cityscape, the archaic with the futuristic. As protruding mosaics of densely interconnected parts and negative space, the pieces extend from the surfaces they inhabit, suggestive of organisms in dynamic states of perpetual growth and decay.  

Much of Ginandes' earlier work is populated by beings that are ageless and anonymous. Though otherworldly in appearance, their longing stares convey a particular self-awareness and humanity, expressing a desire to reach beyond the isolated self. In large-scale public murals and installations, his faces gaze out into city’s environment as Ginandes transforms the existing architecture into a threshold between the realm of his figures and that of the urban landscape.

Ginandes currently lives and works in New York City.